Scott Mackenzie in conversation:

September 6th 6 p.m.

Scott Mackenzie

GS Artists is proud to host an in-conversation event featuring current Artist at Work, GS co-director Scott Mackenzie, whose superb show, NOTHING HAS CHANGED is exhibiting now.

Subtitled “From Aberfan to Grenfell”, the work provides a cross-section of the zeitgeist, exposing raw nerves and shattered attention bearing on our personal and political stasis at a time of great…change?

September 6th at 6 p.m. Scott will be live at GS, taking questions from gallery directors and interns, and the public, on the nature, content and sensibility of his new work. Please join us then for what will be an energising exploration of the work of an inspired young Welsh artist!

Part of GS Artists’ “Artist at Work” scheme that has already featured estimable talents such as Tim Davies, Tomos Sparnon and Sarah Poland, Scott’s show is a fine addition to this series of shows highlighting contrasting techniques and perspectives across a wide spectrum.

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