Sarah Poland’s “Treasure in Stillness” at GS Artists

by Clare Ferguson-Walker for GS Artists

Treasure in Stillness” is a dynamic, dramatic exploration of natural colour and movement, lines collide and dance making new tones where they cross, as with all relationships, where energies meet, something greater than the sum of its parts is created. Elements of tribal art are celebrated using paints and inks created from natures own pallet, Sarah makes them herself using oak gall, and iron rust and in this sense the whole process is part of the final works. The space lends itself perfectly with an abundance of light and has allowed Sarah to be unintimidated by size, some canvases are huge. Natural geometry vibrates throughout, tree rings, ripples in ponds, falling rain and snow and in this sense one feels enveloped in something fundamentally close to the Earth, something ancient, almost hieroglyphic at times. The moon is given a platform via a unique photographic technique and is exploited making erratic blurred lines from capturing the heavenly body, aesthetically akin to capturing a ghost in motion, the camera allows the moon to draw. Sarah won the Glynn Vivian Open in 2018 and it’s easy to see why with this bold, kinetic glorious collection.

Sarah Poland Artist At Work

Treasure in Stillness

Sarah Poland has been GS Artist‘s latest resident, using the space to create new works. Supported by the Galerie Simpson Artists team and very generously by a Research and Development grant from Arts Council Wales. On Sunday May 26th, at 2pm she will be quizzed by Artist Alex Duncan about her activities. 

She says of the time, `This opportunity has enabled intense work and playful development through use of the gallery space. Having the extensive space to lay out works and view them all together has helped create surprising relationships and unexpected collaborations. Endlessly moving work around the room, I create situations where I observe the changes in surface, the magic of the oak gall and its ability to change on differing supports. There is a fascinating ‘coming and going’ of the colour and in different moments, colours flicker and come to the surface or recede within the overall structure.

Making larger work I can engage physically and spatially, hoping to build relationships between the materials and the abstract, between nature and transformation,  The presence of landscape and being in it is the source. The project title Treasure In Stillness relates to the wisdom found when one is still and also to the duality of combining an art practice with the challenges of motherhood”